plastocor® Technology for Corrosion and Erosion Protection of Condensers and Cooling Water Cycle

60 years of technological innovation and foundation

plastocor® technology embodies over 60 years of know-how and experience, trust and reliability and is a pioneer in its field. Providing smart, simple, sustainable solutions so that your power plant can run as efficiently as possible.

Our commitment to excellence means we offer state-of-the-art technology to eliminate common problems found along the entire cooling water cycle and that can be applied in all environments and climatic zones. Our clean, sustainable, low-cost products are an attractive alternative when it comes to avoiding costly downtimes or retubing. Our systems offer an integrated package ideal in bridging a plant’s lifetime until its next refueling outage. For example: plastocor® Cladding System in combination with the plastocor® Inlet  System is a low-cost alternative in the repair of corroded tube sheets. plastocor® Tube Lining System and P400 High-Performance Coatings lead the field in supplying indefinite protection to condensers and heat exchangers along the entire cooling water cycle.

plastocor® Cladding System

Tube Sheet High
Performance Protection

Specially designed to endure extreme conditions and secure leak tight tube-to-tube-sheet joints.

Inlet System

Tube Inlet and
Outlet Protection

Specialised high endurance for exposure to situations of extreme turbulences, high pressure and erosion.

plastocor® Tube Lining System

Tube Internal
Full-length Protection

Prevents leakages and fouling, and extends the lifetime of small calibre condenser tubes (<20m).

plastocor® High-Performance Coatings

Cooling Water Cycle Equipment Protection

Specifically designed for water boxes, flanges, pumps, etc. to reduce fouling, algae, erosion, corrosion and leakages.

plastocor® Expertise

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Expert Know-How

System and Application

Over 60 years of trusted expert know-how of plastocor® systems, application and surface preparation procedures warrants outstanding results.

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Service and Product

plastocor® trademark, product and service, is registered in over 50 countries and ensures the originality of our products and services worldwide.

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Patent-driven Technology

Patent-driven technology guarantees technological innovation and sustainable outcomes, resulting in lifetime extension of up to 40 years.

Swiss Power Plant Technology

For Optimisation and Protection

« Since 1970 plastocor® is specified by us and has successfully protected old units after retubing or complete refurbishment. »
Condenser Division,

Facts & Figures

plastocor® technology in operation since 1956


Cladding System


Inlet System


Tube Lining System


Water Boxes

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