Cooling Water Cycle Solutions

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The cooling water cycle is exposed to high-impact wear and tear where such prolonged exposure will lead to deterioration of equipment efficiency because of fouling, corrosion and/or erosion. Sea water, sand and gravel from river water, as well as, sea creatures and micro-biological organisms cause extensive damage to the entire cooling water cycle. Applying high wear-resistant plastocor® high-performance coating materials is a must when considering your units overall lifetime maintenance.



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Damaged Water Boxes

plastocor® P400 High-Performance
Coating System

Water boxes are heavily affected by galvanic corrosion due to strong water pressure coming from the intake line. The walls and the floors of water boxes are exposed to mechanical damage resulting in corrosion and erosion

Damaged Flanges

plastocor® P400 High-Performance
Coating System

Condenser flange design has gone through several revisions over the years, as suppliers and users look for simpler and more effective solutions to prevent external water leakage and more importantly air in leakage. 

Damaged Pumps

plastocor® P400 High-Performance
Coating System

Heavily corroded, damaged and scrapped pumps can be refurbished, and in a very short period of time, returned to almost new condition by applying high wear-resistant plastocor® P400 high-performance coating system.

Damaged In- and Outtake Lines

plastocor® P400 High-Performance
Coating System

Intake bays as well as in- and outtake lines, are subject to erosive wear from entrained solids and corrosion from either brackish water, seawater or water treatment chemicals as well as from mechanical abuse.

« Since the application of plastocor® coating, we did not have any shutdown due to a fortuitous leakage resulting in an influx of raw water. »
H. Pierre Brau,
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