One-stop Turnkey Solutions for Condensers, Cooling Water Cycle and Wind Towers

Common Problems

Erosion and corrosion to cooling water equipment, fouling, leakages, tube-to-tube-sheet joint cracks and step-erosion are just some of the common problems which lead to less efficiency, higher operational costs and reduced lifespan of units, plus reduced reliability in power output.

plastocor-international SA's long history in the protection and repair of the entire cooling water cycle means we are well placed to guide you in finding an expert solution that works best for your particular plant. We supply pioneer, one-stop solutions for the entire power generation, petro-chemical and utility industry. Applying plastocor® solutions can result in enormous economic savings in operational costs by providing custom-made answers to your plant’s problems.

Condenser Solutions

Durable, state-of-the-art
life extension

The original plastocor® technology guarantees protection, repair, refurbishment, lifetime extension and prevention of erosion and corrosion.  

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Cooling Water Cycle Solutions

Reliable, environmentally-
friendly protection

plastocor® high-performance coating systems are suitable for use along the entire cooling water cycle, tanks, circulation water lines, etc. 

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Wind Tower Solutions

Ultimate abrasion and
corrosion resistance

plastocor® DIY coating solutions for on- and offshore wind towers can be applied directly on site. UV resistant and isophobic, they also protect against corrosion.

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