plastocor® DIY Coating Application Systems

Easy to apply, on-site application protecting cooling water equipment, protecting workers, protecting the environment

Selecting our DIY Application Systems means you are guaranteed our highest quality products are always available to be applied by your on-site personnel. plastocor-international SA may offer full support and guidance along every step of the application process  so as to ensure your in-house personnel become on-site, expert applicators.

This approach allows for a rapid response rate with real time solutions and enables a plant to have a readily available workforce that is in a position to immediately apply plastocor® expert solutions, resulting in shorter intervention times.

Easy to apply

On-site application by in-house personnel is hassle free given our support and guidance on how to apply our products. Easily applied in a few coats to almost any thickness required.


Dramatic lifespan extension for the entire cooling water cycle, as well as long-term maintenance free and optimised solutions. One-Stop, turnkey, durable and reliable.


Smart, clean coatings that conform with strict environmental norms and regulations of heavy metal discharge into the cooling water. All materials are 100% solid, non-solvent, non-VOC.

High Availability

Available at short notice, our solutions can be applied anywhere, within days, under all kinds of conditions, resulting in shorter intervention times saving you time and money.

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Variety of substrates

Easy to apply on a variety of substrates

Concrete, carbon steel, cast iron - made-to-measure solutions for any substrate problem or any material exposed to wear

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All environments

Easy to apply in all climatic zones

Extensive history and proven track record in the harshest of weather conditions, including seawater immersion

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All industries

Suitable for use across all industries

Applicable from Day 1 of operations, on-site application, plastocor® DIY kits offer easy to apply, hassle-free solutions

One-stop shop

plastocor-international SA one-stop solutions is your one-stop-shop for made-to-measure expert protection to optimise productivity, efficiency and reliability

« Some 100% solids epoxy coatings, such as plastocor® coatings, are designed for flexibility, erosion-corrosion resistance, impact, and wear. »
Bruce Woodruff,
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