Why chose plastocor@ tube lining?

on-site application

possible during regular shutdown cycle

enables to buy time to budget a full retubing: it is an option to avoid operational unavailability and leaks

life-extension made to order

reduces fouling

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The original plastocor® tube lining system is a unique on-site application system carried out during regular outages to extent the lifespan of tubes of condensers and heat exchangers damaged by erosion and corrosion.

plastocor-international supplies the technology, machinery and services to conduct full-length tube coatings.

Advantages of plastocor® tube lining

plastocor® tube lining materials are 100% solids, non-solvents, non-VOC.

Down tube coatings are the most economic way to extend the life-span of your tubing.

plastocor® tube lining eliminates almost all metal ion discharges, such as e.g. copper, zinc, arsene etc.

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