The original plastocor® coating systems stand for

> 50 years of excellence in worldwide application

2016 60 years plastocor® technologies worldwide


1950s Tube Sheet Cladding System

Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Kreiselmaier developed the plastocor® thick layer tube sheet cladding system for the repair and protection of damaged tube sheets.

1980s Tube Inlet & Outlet System

Richard H. Kreiselmaier extended plastocor® erosion/corrosion protection and repair systems to inlet and outlet areas of tubes.

1986 First International Licensee in USA & Canada

plastocor Inc. becomes plastocor's first international licensee and has been pursuing the US and Canadian markets ever since.

1990s Tube Lining System

The development and patenting of the full length plastocor® tube lining system for the protection and repair of tubes subject to corrosion, erosion, and fouling.

2002 plastocor-international SA

After reorganization of activities plastocor-international SA was founded in 2002.

plastocor-international SA pursues markets and applications throughout the world extending its international business activity.

2005 First Eastern European License Agreement with Ukraine

plastocor-international SA establishes its first Eastern European license agreement in the Ukraine and has been pursuing the tube lining business in the Ukrainian nuclear market with great success ever since.

2009 plastocor-france S.A.S. is founded

Following the great success of the application of plastocor® coating systems in the French nuclear market, plastocor-france S.A.S. was founded in 2009 to assist plastocor-international SA with site preparational work and the quality control of subcontractors in France.

2011 certified CAS 1 by EDF    

plastocor-international SA is now certified CAS 1 EDF NT 85-114 applicator by EDF.   

This is a further recognition of plastocor-international SA works as operating at the highest of quality levels.

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