Why chose plastocor® protective coatings for wind towers?

extensive history of seawater immersion >25 years

engineered to provide the ultimate abrasion and corrosion resistance

combine the longevity of an epoxy and UV stability of a polyurethane


The erosion and corrosion of wind towers and blades is not a surprise given the variety of often harsh environmental conditions encountered at sea and on land.

If not protected, this erosion and corrosion will reduce the structure’s strength, reliability, life span, and, ultimately, its economic value.

plastocor-international recognizes that the key to solving these challenges is the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, UV stable, nonflammable, solvent-free polymeric materials.

These products, while being safe for the applicator to use and non-toxic to the environment, also significantly outperform conventional solvent-based and polyurethane coatings.

plastocor® coatings can in addition be applied in OEM facilities or onsite during regular downtime periods or prior to the initial build-up of a wind park thus saving costs.

We thus provide a long-term, maintenance free "green" coating solution for wind towers.

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