plastocor® P400 High-Performance Coating Systems

A sustainable return on investment for the entire cooling water cycle and power plant

plastocor® P400 High-Performance Coating Systems are 100% solids, non-VOC, solvent-free epoxy systems. They are safe to use and apply, fast curing, and moisture tolerant, including underwater conditions. Correctly applied, these products eliminate galvanic corrosion problems, abrasion and erosion losses, and the in-leaking of ground water. Biological and marine growth is also minimised and can be completely controlled by the addition of plastocor® foul-release system. Especially developed to endure the extreme conditions of condenser and cooling water cycle equipment, they are suitable to apply on various substrates. Made-to-measure solutions that ensure a dedicated coating system to enhance productivity, reliability and efficiency.



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Substrate suitability
P400 High-Performance Coatings

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Carbon Steel

Condenser Water Boxes, Heat Exchanger Channel Heads, Circulating Water Piping Tunnels

The plastocor® system for carbon steel structures consists of a high-performance, epoxy liner installed from 600 to 3'125 microns in thickness. Thicker applications can be supplied where rebuilding of corroded surfaces or a "bullet proof" lining is required.

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Cast Iron

Condenser Waterboxes, Flanges, Circulating Water Piping, Pumps

The restoration of severely corroded cast iron with plastocor® high-performance epoxy coating systems is one of our specialties. Special procedures have been established for the degraphitization, decontamination, fairing, patching and lining of cast iron structures.

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Circulating Water Piping, Intake and Outtake Basins, Tunnels

We supply and apply special products for the decontamination, sealing, rebuilding and patching of concrete prior to the application of a high-performance epoxy coating. Advanced products and procedures are employed for crack repair, leakages and treatment of other seams.

One-Stop Solution

plastocor-international SA one-stop solution prevents and repairs all erosion and corrosion problems along the entire cooling water cycle. Huge savings on operational costs given our fully integrated, compatible package. Let our one-stop solution optimise your plant’s productivity, efficiency and reliability.

Expert Application

Combining expert know-how and skilled application, plastocor® made-to-measure solutions can be applied worldwide, anywhere and in any climatic conditions. We work with locally skilled labour to provide you with the quickest response rate possible to minimise shutdown periods and optimise productivity.

« 100% solids epoxy coatings are used with great success on seawater cooling and other systems in almost every industry and country. »
Bruce Woodruff,
« With service lives of 20+ years, 100% epoxy coatings minimise or prevent corrosion on circulating water pipe, water boxes, channel heads, tube sheets, tube inlets, and other structures. »
Bruce Woodruff,
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