Key Strengths of Swiss Power Plant Technology

Flexibility allowing us to respond to our clients’ specific issue with made-to-measure solutions

plastocor® one-stop turnkey solution is flexible - available anytime, anywhere in the world and applied within days or weeks, on a variety of substrates, across all industries and in any environment or climatic zone. You tell us your problem, we give you your custom-made solution. We combine a concern for efficiency and productivity with environmental protection and worker safety, where our trademark product and services offer the most cost-efficient alternative - saving you time and money.

At plastocor-international SA we value our clients and the working relationships built up over the past 60 years. Based on respect, honesty and partnership, we work to provide mutually beneficial scenarios for all involved, where our specialised, handcrafted technology guarantees the highest quality standard available. This client-focussed approach is one of plastocor® key strengths in providing expert, made-to-measure solutions.

Economic foresight

Cost-efficient - simple technology solutions for costly problems always!

Applying plastocor® state-of-the-art technology to cooling water equipment or wind tower structures results in enormous savings in operational costs due to less downtimes, less demand for new equipment, as well as less maintenance for erosion and corrosion damage.


Environment conscious

Smart, clean technology for a greener tomorrow, today!

Applying plastocor® pioneer technology improves environmental impact due to less chemical cleaning and added chemicals, reduced heavy metal discharge thereby improving cooling water quality, and decreased CO2 emissions. All plastocor® materials are VOC free, 100% solid and solvent free.


Swiss technology

Swissmade technology solutions that work for all, everywhere!

Protected by trademark and patent, applying plastocor® technology guarantees Swiss quality standards. The original and innovation-driven systems represent 60 years of continued innovation, development and optimisation, as well as traditional craftsmanship, with a global presence.



plastocor® supplies handmade industry technology that is internationally certified - guaranteeing pioneer and proven one-stop, made-to-measure, solutions and craftsmanship.

«plastocor® coatings eliminated the discharges by 8.2 tons copper, 3.8 tons zinc and 7kg arsenic per year. »
Pierre Brau,
CEA Phenix NPP
« Average gain per year for this unit was 5.48 million euros in avoided shutdowns alone. »
Pierre Brau,
CEA Phenix NPP
All these plastocor® products have provided excellent long-term protection against corrosion and erosion.»
Pierre Hornet,
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