Trusted Industry Know-how and Expertise

Technological innovation that delivers outstanding results is built on 60 years of tradition

Over 60 years  of trusted expert know-how of plastocor® systems, application and surface preparation procedures guarantees outstanding results. plastocor® trademark, both product and service, is registered in over 50 countries, ensuring the originality of our products and services worldwide. Our patent-driven technology guarantees technological innovation and sustainable outcomes, resulting in lifetime extension of up to 40 years.

Our innovation-driven technology combined with our expert application system provides you with certainty of quality and assured outstanding results. We are more than confident that our know-how and expertise can find the solution you need. 60 years of reliable performance means peace of mind for our clients.

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Intelligent solutions for sustainable results

Providing intelligent solutions plastocor® technology is specially designed to reduce operating costs by providing original and innovation-driven, quality supplying and sustainable systems.

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Upgrade reliability and availability

plastocor® systems mean an upgrade of service reliability and availability, an increase in efficiency and security of power output and supply due to lifetime extension of the unit.

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Versatile and easily adaptable

plastocor® systems can be available at anytime, anywhere in the world and applicable within days or weeks to secure the performance of the equipment they protect.


Trust our know-how and expertise to solve your problem and supply quality assured results.


Technological innovation that delivers outstanding results is built on 60 years of tradition.

«We now look forward to our last years of operation with a certain serenity and recommend plastocor® coatings for all heat exchangers submerged to accelerated erosion and/or corrosion. »
H. Pierre Brau,
CEA Phenix NPP
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