One-Stop Turnkey Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

Combined with exclusive access to protected Swiss know-how

Sophisticated solutions thanks to exclusive access to well protected Swiss know-how and thanks to the trust placed in the efficiency of plastocor® innovative and pioneer technology by hundreds of satisfied plant operators. Our one-stop turnkey solution allows any plant operator to dramatically increase a plant’s efficiency, while making considerable savings on operational costs.

plastocor® one-stop turnkey solution accompanies you through the entire process of protective coating application - we jointly assess our clients’ particular problem, provide made-to-measure solutions, ensure correct surface preparation, expertly apply our pioneer technology and provide continued support in our after-sales care. Available anytime, anywhere in the world, in all environments and climatic zones and applicable on a variety of substrates within days or weeks.

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Smart solutions and services simplify

Our all-in-one leading turnkey technology package ensures client-focussed solutions from start to finish and continued support even after completion of plastocor® protective and life-extending coatings and systems application – bespoke care!

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Cost-efficient and Smart

Intelligent innovation
saves money

plastocor® is a low-cost alternative to replacing tube sheets and having to pay for expensive retubing, especially for severely corroded tube sheets. Shorter intervention times equals increased availability equals short and less downtimes – now that's Smart!

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Sustainable and Durable

Careful protection increases reliability

plastocor® solutions are the must-have upgrade for all power plants and utilities in need of optimal protection, continued reliability and environmental protection. Increased reliability means higher efficiency, means more environmental benefits.


plastocor® one-stop turnkey solution and services are all you need to upgrade your plant and optimise its efficiency

« Looking back on 30 years of collaboration, we can only confirm that plastocor® systems have fulfilled our quality requirements and we will continue to apply them. »
Condenser Division,
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