plastocor® Expert Coating Application Systems

Specialists in smart and leading coating and protection technologies and application systems

With our combined expertise and know-how and proven track record across various industries, plastocor® state-of-the-art technology is a worldwide reference in protection and repair of erosion and corrosion problems. Our team of highly trained applicators are available at short notice and our solutions can be applied anywhere, within days. Locally skilled, plastocor® Expert Applicators allow for a more effective follow-up with our clients globally, and provides you with a network of specialists which you can call upon immediately.

To provide the best possible client-focussed solutions, plastocor-international SA ensures that all aspects along the entire application process are handled with great care – starting from a thorough evaluation of the problem presented by our client, to the preparation of the surface and the application of the chosen system until the final sealing coating. Following successful application clients are guaranteed continued support via our after-sales services.

Situative Inspection

Problem evaluation
including leak detection & Eddy current testing

Improvement proposal
including on-site, made-to-measure solutions

Surface Preparation

IP-protected dustless grit blasting
including heavily corroded small calibre tubes

Tube and surface cleaning
including UHP and chemical cleaning

Application Technology

Tube Sheet Cladding
including initial, Repair, Rebuild

Tube Inlet/Outlet Protection
including onsite and OEM application

Entire Internal Tube Coating
including small calibre tubes up to 20m

Quality Control
including pre-, during and post-application

Additional Services

Maintenance & After-sales services
including One-stop turnkey packages

Eddy Current Testing
including pre- and post-testing of tubes

RPR – inductive paint removal
including training, supervision and rental

DIY products
including Wind Tower Coating Systems

Areas of Application

Our area of expertise is the coating of the condenser and cooling cycle equipment in power generation plants and cooling plants. Suitable for use in wind towers, plastocor® high-performance protective coatings can also be applied on a variety of substrates.

Plastocor offers high-performance coating systems for foul release on concrete structures, wind farms including towers, blades, nozzles and rotators, FGD systems, desalination plants and travelling water lines of all kinds.

Cladding System P2000

Tube Sheet High
Performance Protection

It is specially designed to endure extreme conditions and secure leak tight tube-to-tube-sheet joints.

Inlet System P400-IL

Tube Inlet and
Outlet Protection

It has a specialised high endurance for extreme turbulences, high pressure and erosion.

plastocor® Tube-
Lining System P400-TL

Tube Internal
Full-length Protection

It prevents leakages and fouling, and extends the lifetime of small calibre condenser tubes (<20m).

plastocor® High-Performance Coatings

Cooling Water Cycle Equipment Protection

They are specifically designed for water boxes, flanges, pumps, etc. to reduce fouling, algae, erosion, corrosion and leakages.

One-Stop Turnkey Solutions

plastocor® Expert Application offers one-stop turnkey, made-to-measure solutions thanks to exclusive access to well protected Swiss know-how and the efficiency of plastocor® pioneering technology. plastocor® applicators work with the most sophisticated and elaborated coating technologies on the market.

« Since 1970 plastocor® is specified by us and has successfully protected old units after retubing or complete refurbishment. »
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