Research and Development for Sustainable Corrosion Protection

Innovation and research built on 60 years of tradition and values

Continually lessening the environmental impact of cooling water release is a driving force that leads us to strive for ever more improvements in this area. We are proud that our pioneer technology offers a sustainable, green, high-quality alternative in comparison to other systems.

plastocor-international SA builds on three generations of innovative spirit, in this family business steeped in the tradition of constant development and improvement of our products and services. We work closely with system designers, engineers and utilities to develop linings and repair materials for the protection of components used in and around our systems, as well as fine tuning our systems and technology.


Exclusive access to
Swiss know-how

plastocor® technology is owned by a Swiss-based, privately held firm, worldwide active in the proprietary development of smart and leading technologies and application systems specialised in corrosion and erosion protection. Our patent technology guarantees innovation and sustainability.

Continuous History


Smart and Clean Technology with
Eco-friendly Benefits

Applying plastocor® technology benefits the quality of the cooling water by reducing the yearly heavy metal discharge according to ISO1400 and the need for chemical cleaning and added chemicals, and decreases CO2 emissions by optimising the cooling efficiency of the condenser, meaning less pollution.

Technology Benefits


Handmade Industry Technology
Internationally Certified

plastocor® supplies handmade pioneer and proven one-stop, made-to-measure solutions and craftmanship. Our technology has been certified by EDF CAS1 since 2011 (EDF NT 85-114). It is listed and approved for use on condensers by the US Nuclear Utilities Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) and our materials are ISO9001 certified.

Certified Reference


60 years of innovative
Energy Technology “Made in Switzerland”

Protected by trademark and patent, applying plastocor® technology guarantees Swiss quality. The original and innovation-driven systems represent continued innovation, development and optimisation, as well as traditional craftsmanship and values, and have done so for over 60 years of family business worldwide.

Worldwide Recognition

Intellectual Property

Thanks to exclusive access to protected Swiss know-how, we are proud to provide our one-stop turnkey solutions for all kinds of erosion and corrosion problems.

« The use of chemical products for water treatment in the condensers becomes optional and allows us to meet the environmental standards vis-à-vis derivatives organochlorines. »
H. Pierre Brau,
CEA Phenix NPP
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