plastocor® One-stop Turnkey Services

One-stop turnkey, made-to-measure protective coating solutions for maximum optimisation and protection

Thanks to our proven track record and vast experience in a wide working field, we are proud to provide our competent and made-to-measure solutions for all kinds of erosion and corrosion problems. plastocor one-stop turnkey solution allows any plant operator to dramatically increase a plant’s efficiency, while making considerable savings on operational costs. Our trusted know-how and reliable expertise will ensure your investment results in increased energy output and massively reduced downtimes.

Client satisfaction is one of our main goals, so we provide a solution-orientated customer service. We are confident our one-stop turnkey solution will provide you with a one-stop-shop for all you need in improving your plant’s efficiency, longevity and reliability.

One-Stop Turnkey Solutions

Made-to-Measure and

Inspection, surface preparation, protective coating application and maintenance and after-sales services: it can be applied in all environments and climatic zones, worldwide, on an extensive selection of substrates.

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Key Strengths

and Worldwide

plastocor® systems can be available anytime, anywhere in the world and can be applied within days or weeks to secure the unrestricted performance of the equipment they protect making it a cost-efficient alternative.

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Know-How and Expertise

Trust in 60 Years
of Reference

Supplies pioneer and proven one-stop solutions for power plant operators. Thanks to our expertise and efficiency, thousands of clients still rely on plastocor® to supply the best possible solution to their problems.

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Research and Development

Built on Tradition
and Innovation

Our Research and Development department is constantly looking to develop new materials and to enhance our existing ones. Our focus is on improving the anti-fouling, non-stick and cold-curing properties of our products.

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Our Services

Thanks to exclusive access to protected Swiss know-how, we are proud to provide our one-stop turnkey solutions for all kinds of erosion and corrosion problems.

« Services and technology provided by plastocor® have always been of the highest quality and delivered on time within schedule. »
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