plastocor® Wind Tower Coating Application Systems

For long-term maintenance free protection and repair coating solutions for on- and offshore wind towers

plastocor® DIY Wind Tower Coating Systems optimise and protect your entire wind tower structure. Given that the world’s first wind farms are now beginning to reach the end of their lifetime, we recommend applying our high-performance protective coatings from Day 1 of operations for ultimate lifelong productivity. Taking a preventative approach will mean your entire wind tower structure will enjoy a long-term maintenance free solution. Suitable for use on both onshore and offshore wind towers, and designed to withstand even the harshest environments and weather conditions, plastocor® environmentally-friendly protective coatings are your easy to apply, worker-friendly, all-in-one, must-have investment for maximum optimisation of wind tower efficiency.

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Onshore Protection

plastocor® Wind Tower
Coating Application Systems

plastocor® 100% solid, non-solvent, non VOC, UV stable epoxy coatings are key to solving common problems encountered in wind tower structures on land. We apply the most sophisticated and elaborated coating technologies to sustainably protect towers, nacelles and blades.

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Offshore Protection

plastocor® Wind Tower
Coating Application Systems

Designed to withstand even the harshest environments, plastocor® high-performance protective coatings are the ultimate in abrasion and corrosion resistance. Suitable for structures at sea, our products protect the environment while also protecting your long-term productivity.

Easy to apply

On-site application by in-house personnel is hassle free given our support and guidance on how to apply our products. Easily applied in a few coats to almost any thickness required.


Dramatic lifespan extension for the entire cooling water cycle, as well as long-term maintenance free and optimised solutions. One-Stop, turnkey, durable and reliable.


Smart, clean coatings that conform with strict environmental norms and regulations of heavy metal discharge into the cooling water. All materials are 100% solid, non-solvent, non-VOC.


Combining strength and longevity of an epoxy with the colour stability of a polyurethane, plastocor® products prevent colour peeling and/or loss of colour due to UV-radiation.

plastocor® DIY Solutions

plastocor-international SA one-stop turnkey solution is smart, simple and sustainable and all you need for ultimate protection of the entire wind tower structure

« plastocor® DIY coating solutions for on- and offshore wind towers can be applied directly on site. UV resistant and isophobic, they also protect against erosion. »
Richard Kreiselmaier,
Founder plastocor-international
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