Wind Tower Solutions

Defined DIY Solutions

Combining experience with excellence, plastocor® DIY applications for wind towers are NORSOK approved and committed to providing easy to apply, smart, clean technologies for wind utilities that are proven to enhance UV-resistance, colour stability, longevity and efficiency.

The increasing demand for energy use to come from renewables requires that existing and future wind parks will need to improve the sustainable lifespan of wind towers. Wind energy is already, for example, the EU's second-largest power source. plastocor-international SA aims to make this clean energy source even greener by supplying sustainable, economic and environmental protective solutions for the entire onshore and offshore wind park.



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Damage to/on Tower

plastocor® DIY Wind Tower Coating Systems

Underwater fouling is a common source of stress to the tower structure. Thanks to our extensive history of seawater immersion (>25 years), plastocor® products are engineered to provide ultimate abrasion and corrosion resistance, designed for long-term on- and offshore exposure.

Damage on/to Nacelle/Hub

plastocor® DIY Wind Tower Coating Systems

Colour peeling and/or loss of colour due to UV-radiation are some of the common problems encountered on the nacelle. plastocor® products combine the strength and longevity of an epoxy with the colour stability of a polyurethane, outperforming conventional solvent-based coatings.

Damage on/to Leading Edge

plastocor® DIY Wind Tower Coating Systems

Prolonged exposure to harsh environmental conditions leading to general wear and tear reduces the efficiency of the Leading Edge. plastocor® products sustainably protect offering outstanding colour stability and gloss retention as well as excellent adhesion to polyester or epoxy composite blades.

Damage on/to Blade

plastocor® DIY Wind Tower Coating Systems

Cracks, pits or defects and irregularities due to salt and wind erosion may develop along the blade leading to a deterioration in its functioning capacity. Applying plastocor® products with their excellent adhesion to polyester or epoxy composite blades, can considerably extend the lifespan of the blades.

« Some 100% solids epoxy coatings, such as plastocor® coatings, are designed for flexibility, erosion-corrosion resistance, impact, and wear. »
Bruce Woodruff,
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