The only difference between a problem and a solution is that people understand the solution

Charles Kettering


Solution-driven technology

plastocor-international SA supplies a “one-stop turnkey solution” for corrosion and erosion problems across the entire power generation industry, including wind towers. Our technology is also suitable for use in petro-chemical, FGD and desalination plants.

Since 1956, plastocor® systems have been protecting heat exchangers and condensers in thousands of power plants, and nowadays, approx. 90% of North American, German, French and Swiss nuclear power plants apply our technology.

A family-run business with a global reach we work locally with skilled labour to ensure a rapid response to our clients’ issues. While protecting your power plant, we guarantee our products and services maintain high environmental standards.

plastocor® Expertise

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Expert Know-How

System and Application

Over 60 years of trusted expert know-how of plastocor® systems, application and surface preparation procedures warrants outstanding results.

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Service and Product

plastocor® trademark, product and service, is registered in over 50 countries and ensures the originality of our products and services worldwide.

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Patent-driven Technology

Patent-driven technology guarantees technological innovation and sustainable outcomes, resulting in life-extension of up to 40 years.

Our Solutions

plastocor® smart, simple, sustainable solutions eliminate and/or considerably reduce common problems along the entire cooling water cycle and are an attractive alternative to other costly options such as ordering new condenser, titanium cladding and/or retubing.

Condenser Solutions

Durable, state-of-the-art
life extension

The original plastocor® technology guarantees life-time extension, protection, repair, refurbishment and prevention of erosion and corrosion.

Cooling Water Cycle Solutions

Reliable, environmentally-
friendly protection

plastocor® high-performance coating systems are suitable for use along the entire cooling water cycle, circulation water lines, etc.

Wind Tower Solutions

Ultimate abrasion and
corrosion resistance

plastocor® DIY Coating solutions for on- and offshore wind towers can be applied on site: UV resistant and isophobic, they also protect against corrosion.


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Our Technology

Our pioneer, state-of-the-art technology can be and has been applied in all environments and climatic zones on an extensive selection of substrates throughout the condenser and cooling water cycle.

Our Coatings

plastocor® coatings supply corrosion and erosion protection, maintenance and life extension for the entire cooling water cycle, as well as for wind utilities. As a result, we offer a current product portfolio of eco-friendly, highly specialised and especially resilient epoxy coatings. 

Our Services

Thanks to exclusive access to protected Swiss know-how, we are proud to provide our one-stop turnkey solutions for all kinds of erosion and corrosion problems.

« All these plastocor® products have been found to provide excellent long-term protection against corrosion and erosion. »
Pierre Hornet,
« We know that plastocor® 100% epoxy systems reduce galvanic corrosion of dissimilar materials and erosion-corrosion. »
Bruce Woodruff,
« Since 1970 plastocor® is specified by us and has successfully protected old units after retubing or complete refurbishment. »
Condenser Division,
« State-of-the-art plastocor® epoxy systems have been introduced as an alternative method for extending the life of main steam condensers. »
Polyurea Development Association Europe,

Facts & Figures

plastocor® technology in operation since 1956






Ecological Benefits


Trademark and Patents

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