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A one-stop-shop for expert protection – certified made-to-measure solutions to optimise productivity, efficiency and reliability.


Certified Technology and Materials

Your trusted partner in the field, plastocor® one-stop solution guarantees quality assured results. Applying plastocor® technology means you receive certified products and services of the highest standards.

  • EDF-CAS1 certified since 2011: EDF NT 85-114 Contents: Safety, Quality (NT 85-114), Reliable Practices, Manual of Personnel Requirements, Fire, Environment
  • NUPIC listed (U.S. Nuclear Utilities Procurement Issues Committee): NUPIC was formed in 1989 and program evaluates suppliers furnishing safety-related components and services and commercial-grade items to nuclear utilities
  • ASTM-D3911 and ASTM-D4082: tested according to requirements, describing the endurance of maximum radioactive exposure as well as loss of coolant to the reactor.
  • SIEMENS SPECIFICATION for condenser services for over 30 years.
  • ALLIANZ HANDBOOK OF LOSS PREVENTION: Coating Systems for Tube Plates, Water Boxes and Cooling Water Piping, S.351-355.
  • plastocor® MATERIALS ISO9001:2000: ISO 9001 sets out standard requirements for a quality management system.

Some Clients

« Some 100% solids epoxy coatings, such as plastocor® coatings, are designed for flexibility, erosion-corrosion resistance, impact, and wear. »
Bruce Woodruff,
JPCL 2005
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