Why chose plastocor® inlet and outlet coating system?

no more tube leaks

less downtime

cost reduction


higher productivity

no new step-erosion





The original plastocor® tube end inlet coating system P400 can indefinitely protect and repair condensers and heat exchanger tubes against inlet and outlet end corrosion and erosion.

In combination with plastocor® tube sheet cladding, it offers the optimal life extension system (>20 years).

Three-Stage Method

A three-stage method applied in three differently coloured layers eliminating the danger of step-erosion,  a common problem with the use of plastic or metal inserts.

Therefore the method can bridge small perforations of the tube wall repairing the tube. The need to retube is thus postponed or eliminated.

The multiple-color coating system makes it possible to calculate the remaining live span of the coated tubes after any given time of operation. This enables us to plan ahead and budget.

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