plastocor-international SA

We are an established team of coating experts who deliver bespoke coating solutions for all kinds of erosion and corrosion problems across all kinds of substrates, mainly, but not exclusively, for the power generating industry. For over 60 years, plastocor has been built on trust, honesty and mutually beneficial working relationships which has resulted in innovation-driven technology solutions for our customers all over the world.

Family business since 1956

The rich history of plastocor illustrates our dedication to constantly improve overtime. Governed by and held in the hands of the Kreiselmaier family, now in its third generation, plastocor continually discovers and develops new sectors, building on traditional values and innovative solutions.

Worldwide partnerships

As an international enterprise, plastocor has an extensive network of partners and approved expert applicators across the globe. Overtime we have extended our working field and expertise in variety and size to many countries and different industries.

Customer-oriented experts

Our in-depth knowledge of coating systems in very specific industry sectors, combined with cutting-edge technology and know-how, helps us to provide a custom-made solution for practically all kinds of erosion and corrosion problems. Thanks to over 60 years of experience, our approach provides a fully integrated, made-to-measure solution for our customers’ most common wear related problems.

Tradition, innovation, R&D

Our dedication to always provide the best and most accessible solution for our customers, encourages us to constantly improve and develop our R&D sector. Thanks to our sincere dedication to constant improvement, this has resulted in a wide range of coating systems and technology solutions for our customers.

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